Sunday, May 06, 2012

Naomi House

Pin It Now! So, I was finally able to go on my first real mission trip. Originally, the plan was to go in December of last year, but my kids were sick. As far as mission trips go, this was easy peasy.

Picked, shoveled rather, weeds with needle sharp thorns, provided dinner and lunch, cleaned, hosted and egg hunt, and played with all the sweet, little orphans. Wish I could post pics of some of their sweet faces, but I can't. If you want, you can read more about Naomi House here, though.

Most of our mission team from Calvary East Valley.

The kids were such troopers helping to get rid of those nasty, deep-rooted weeds. :)

Shiloh wasn't so sure about going to Winslow, AZ for a mission trip, but she had SO much fun. Lots of playground equipment and lots of kids with whom to play!!

Shiloh and her sweet friend did a great job cleaning highchairs.

So glad we were all healthy and able to go this time. (Shiloh was nice enough to wait and get sick the day after we got home - the sickness is still going through the family. Ugh.)

Thankful for the Lord's grace and mercy toward me - someone who typically loves her comfort zone. :) Excited about going back to the Naomi House hopefully in August.

A huge thanks to our friends Jim and Kim for setting everything up, going with the flow, and most importantly being led by the Spirit! We love you guys!

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Kim said...

Thanks to you all!! So happy that Shiloh was able to come with Tori and that your boys are such troopers!! Can't wait for our next trip together!


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