Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY Army Base - Great Summer Project for Boys

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When I'm trimming trees, pulling weeds, or watering my garden, I always smile when I find a half-buried, faded, beat-up army man.

Remains of days gone by. (Cue tears)

In that moment, that breath of nostalgia, I can almost hear my boys' little voices mimicking war cries, tank explosions, and the fire of gunshots.

It might not be music to every mother's ears, but I have boys. And I have learned that boys play differently than girls!

Even though my boys are a little bit older now (10 & 12), there's been a resurgence of army man action lately, and they came up with a great idea - Make Your Own Army Base.

What you will need:

  • cardboard drink holders from Starbucks, fast food joint, etc.
  • paint - they used leftover ceramic paint from their sister's art supplies (I would recommend a non-washable type of paint.)
  • army man toys - love that they are so cheap!

What you will do: turn drink holder upside down and paint as you wish. Let dry. Play!

My oldest went with a traditional camouflage look, while my youngest decided on an arctic scene. Went nicely with his newly painted blue desk. :)

My boys had fun, and maybe yours will, too!

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farmlife chick said...

My kids would love this idea! Very creative!! Thanks for stopping by our blog!!


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