Monday, May 14, 2012

Spoiled Silly!

Pin It Now! Let me tell you, Monday morning was rough after being spoiled senseless the past few days with my 15th anniversary and Mother's Day back to back. Still in a euphoric daze, I wasn't prepared for the sound of alarm at 7-something this morning, "Mommy, mommy! The toilet is overflowing!" Should I even mention that it was overflowing in the bathroom that I scrubbed to an immaculate shine yesterday? *Sigh*

As I mopped up the spreading sea with every single beach towel in my hall closet, I tried to reflect on all the wonderful memories of the past few days. It was hard. I was mad and kind of throwing a bit of a tantrum. Of course our Bible passage that we read after I finally got everything cleaned up was about forgiveness, wouldn't you know it? Boy did I need some!! I apologized for overreacting, and my kids forgave me. Beautiful example of God's gift of reconciliation. :)

 I totally didn't deserve what my kids did for me on Mother's Day, but I am so grateful for children who love me and want to bless me! I am always so touched when my kids show their love by saving and spending their hard-earned money on me.

Shiloh surprised me with pink teacup roses. My heart felt as if it would burst! I loved seeing the excitement in her eyes in giving the gift. A perfect way to start Mother's Day!!

While I was shut in my room finishing a review, I heard a little knock on the door, and Lincoln surprised me with my favorite Starbucks treat - Green Tea Frappuchino! Such a sweet boy. :)

After dinner, my oldest, Mullin, surprised me with a beautiful card and another one of my favorite treats - m&ms! How thoughtful! 

Flowers, Frapps, and m&ms - do my kids know me or what?

I also consider myself blessed because I have a husband who makes Mother's Day special for me as well. He brought me freshly juiced juice as I was getting ready for church, he prepared a delicious pork roast meal, and he even made dessert from scratch - Hot Fudge Cake. Yum!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mark, Mullin, Lincoln, and Shiloh for making this a Mother's Day I will cherish forever!

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