Monday, February 10, 2014

Boundless Love

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Are you a celebrater, couldn't-care-lesser, or loather of Valentine's Day?

If this "holiday" disappeared off the face of every calendar tomorrow, life would go on for me. (I would miss red, white, and pink M&M's though.) But, since it is a day that our culture has set aside to sell a ton of junk and make lots of money celebrate love, I admit, I indulge and celebrate just a little.

I'm naturally a sucker for themes, cute stuff, PINK, and any excuse to buy and get gifts. :) So, yes, the Valentine isles at all of the stores whisper my name and beckon me to come hither.

I'm not a big fan of all the stuffed animals, but since my daughter LOVES them, I quietly endure standing in the Valentine stuffed animal isle as she oohs and ahhs over each and every one. After that, we move on to my favorite isle so I can ooh and ahh over all the pretty, yummy, and very unhealthy candy. Don't judge me. ;)

While many see this holiday as a guilt trip to buy their mate or special someone a gift, or as a holiday to be shunned because of it's so-called pagan roots, or as a holiday for whatever - you fill in the blank, I see it as a time to reflect on true love and what it means. And if you know me at all, you know where I am going to start, right?

Yep. With the Author of love. With the One whose essence is love. Though sinless, He loved me enough to take my place and suffer the wrath that was meant for me.

True love is boundless love!

Never ending.



I came across this quote the other day and was reminded of how grateful I am that God's love is boundless.

Boundless love is worthy of a celebration - not just on one day but every. single. day. :)

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