Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Survival Guide For God Followers

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Mark had the chance to preach again when our pastor was in Israel. He decided to follow-up on his previous message, What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus? If you listened to that already, you won't want to miss his sermon titled, A Survival Guide For God Followers!

He loves the opportunity to share God's Word plus it gives him the chance to use his history degree and to tell corny funny jokes. ;) So, if you've ever wondered what a large pizza and someone who has a history degree have in common, you'll have to click the above link and listen.

Our congregation had the benefit of seeing mummies (not the kind wrapped in white cloth strips, mind you) of the very pharaohs mentioned in Exodus 14. It was pretty neat! Here's one of the images he used - it's of Amenhotep II.


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Unknown said...

I love seeing how supportive you are of your husband. It's awesome! =)


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