Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: The What Do I Fix? Edition

Pin It Now! So, what do I do when my cupboards are as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's?

Well actually this was me yesterday. 3:00 pm rolled around, and I opened my pantry door. Hmm, was about all I could manage to say. Smoked Vienna Sausage and Pork N Beans didn't sound too appetizing, so I went to the fridge, which was almost as bare as my cupboard. Well, I decided dinner would have to be the leftover box of chicken nuggets, frozen peas and butter noodles. That is until my thoughtful husband called and asked if it would be okay if he brought home Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am sure you can guess my answer!!

Well, I better get on with this b/c I have to go to the store in just a bit with all 3 kids! Yippee!

Just like Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer, Tomato Soup and grilled cheese are great stand- bys for me. I also make eggs and home made pancakes when the pickings are slim. My kids think that is a treat, anyway. If I have tortillas, cheese and salsa on hand, then making quick burritos will fill our tummies until I can get to the grocery store.

Head on over here to get more tips on what to fix when your in a pinch!

**I am looking for new Christmas recipes to make this month, so please stop by over here to participate in my Christmas Recipe Exchange. Thanks!!


Knit-Wit said...

I thought I had this great menu planned with lots of leftovers for lunch this week. Little did I know that my boys would be famished after ball practice and we wouldn't have leftovers. Nothing left in the grocery budget this week so I've gotten creative with lunches - fried egg sandwiches today and pancakes tomorrow.

HONEY said...

Here's a challenge you can put out to your readership. In the morning, list what you have in the pantry & have your readers suggest a meal that can be created from your list. Should be interesting!

AJ said...

Hey! There's a TV show that kind of like that! (Or used to be, not sure if it's still on.) The Chef guy (I think it was Gordon Elliott and I think Paula Deen guested on it one time - before she was so famous) would go into someone's house - just pick one at random and walk up and knock on the door - tell them who he was and ask if they would mind if he came in and fixed them dinner out of just whatever they had in the fridge and pantry! It was quite interesting, especially at those homes where they didn't have much available or had odd items to work with. But somehow they always managed to come up with a meal!

When Jimmy and I first got married and didn't have much income (nice way of saying we were poor!) we often fixed a can of cream of chicken soup and some big elbow macaroni and mixed it together and it was really good! Of course, when you are hungry and don't have a lot of choices, a lot of things are good that you might not otherwise think were very good! Sometimes we would fix a big pile of crinkle cut french fries and break out the ketchup bottle! Yum, yum! Not exactly a healthy meal but it was what we had at the time! Fortunately, we didn't have children to consider and have to be concerned about getting something a lot more healthy and nutritious on the table! Or we might have bought some fruit instead of some french fries! But we knew our "lean spell" wouldn't last forever so I guess we figured the fries-for-dinner wouldn't kill us!

not up to code said...

French Toast. You can make it really eggie for the protein and serve it with fruit that has been stuck in the back of the freezer - just warm it up in the microwave.

I also make big batches of things like pancakes and french toast. Then I freeze the left overs. On nights when I am really desparate for a quick meal, I can usually find some leftover breakfast stuff somewhere in the freezer. Nuke it for a few seconds and you have dinner.


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