Thursday, February 07, 2008

Got Water?

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For the past few weeks in the wonderful subject of Earth Science, Mullin and I have been studying all about God's glorious gift of water. Before we plunged in, Mullin was to record in a 24 hour period the amount of times he used water. While he journaled his entries, I made mental notes of how many times I actually used water. Since I do the majority of cooking, cleaning and diaper changing, well, I realized that even one day without this essential material would be miserable! Imagine buckets in the bathroom instead of toilets! Even worse--not being able to wash your hands after handling the buckets--YUCK!! (In the mind of an 8 yr. old boy, though, the thoughts of not having to wash hands, take a shower, or brush teeth sounded like a relief. :))

Next task on the list was to make a list (with the help of a Thesaurus) of about 50 words relating to the word water. Our list included words like refreshing, vital, crucial, quenching, satisfying, useful, wet, tastelss, frozen, necessary--just to name a few. Well, a little later that day as I was reflecting on our water assignment, the Holy Spirit shifted my thoughts of physical water to thoughts of a different kind of water. Living Water.

Jesus gives me Living Water to drink by washing and cleansing me through His Word. This water is even more crucial, vital, refreshing, quenching, satisfying, and necessary to my health than physical water. Just as physical water gives life to my body, Living Water gives life to my spirit. I have never tried it, but supposedly 3 days without water is fatal. If I only drank water once every 3 days just to stay alive, I really wouldn't be very healthy. I may not be dead, but I would be in a constant state of dehydration and probably wouldn't be a very productive person.

Lack of Living Water will consequently cause spiritual dehydration in my life. I can't drink it every so often and expect to see huge amounts of growth. I must drink it on a very regular basis, and it shouldn't be a "to-do" to mark off on a list. Drinking it should come as naturally as drinking "real" water. I believe there are many ways to refresh my spirit. It's not only about sitting down and having a "Quiet Time", a time set aside to read and study, though this is very important. Relying on Living Water is all about a relationship with Christ, abiding in him moment by moment.

Praying, singing praises, sharing my faith, memorizing scripture, practicing what I read, and just listening to God are all ways in which my soul can stay hydrated. While I do believe that I am growing by leaps and bounds, it is no secret that I have not attained perfection, nor will I be able to as long as flesh is my fashion.

Somtimes staying at home all of the time brings about feelings of isolation and a sense of being ineffective, so it is so neat to see how God speaks to little, old me through our home schooling venture.

"As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after Thee.
You alone are my heart's desire, and I long to worship you..."


AJ said...

Excellent, EXCELLENT analogies, AF. I am very thrilled to read these things - they are a good "lesson" to me as well, and it is obvious that you are 'growing' continually. The comparison of the "waters" is perfect! If a person NEVER drinks any water (or even liquid containing water, such as tea) so gets no hydration whatsoever, yes, that person will die physically. And the person who drinks no 'living water' will die spiritually. It is astonishing how many folks who label themselves as "Christians" yet have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to have anything to do with the "Living Water" (as in never desiring to read God's Word, talk to Him, listen to Him, visit His house, get to know Him, etc.) They don't realize that are spiritually dead. Let's pray for more THIRSTY CHRISTIANS!

Staci said...

How right you are. I'll tell you what-missing morning of devotions and spending time with the Lord throws EVERYTHING off.

How are you?

Anonymous said...

Wait...I'm confused. You're not perfect?

Terri said...

I like your analogy. It really gave me something to think about.
That Living water is as important in our daily life as regular water is in our physical one.


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