Monday, November 02, 2009

And Let the Candy Trading Begin

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Okay, how many times are my kids going to dump out their candy buckets to make trades with each other and the neighbor kids????

Did y’all ever do that as a kid?  I know I did. :)  To get more CHOCOLATE!  I haven’t changed a bit.

My kiddos didn’t think they would get as much candy at a “Harvest Festival”, but to their delight, they did!  AND, they had a blast being helpers with me at the Ring Toss booth and hanging out with their friends.  They can’t wait to go again next year.

A kind neighbor friend loaned Mullin his Boba Fett costume, Shiloh decided to be a “ballerina”, and Lincoln went as a pirate.

2009-10-31 007







2009-10-31 017







2009-10-31 022







2009-10-31 019








2009-10-31 023







2009-10-31 021






2009-10-31 015







2009-10-31 026







Shiloh was over the moon about winning a cake!!  Mark said she went round and round the cake walk for 20 minutes until she won. :)

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