Thursday, November 05, 2009

5 Things I've Learned About Food in 2009

Pin It Now! #1 Rice can be the MAIN dish, not just a side dish.

#2 My kids will not die after a cheap meal of hot dogs and Kraft Mac & Cheese. At least not immediately. :)

#3 Eventually, after many tries, a thrown-together, what's-left-in-the-pantry meal will turn out unexpectedly delicious!

#4 Words like "organic", "non-hydrogenated", "all-natural", etc. have been replaced by "ON SALE" as the primary motivation for purchase.

#5 And last but not least, Chocolate is a NECESSITY no matter how tight the budget!!

I have never been the type of mom/housewife to "throw" a meal together. I am a planner by nature, and I have ALWAYS planned our meals to a tee in advance. This year has been somewhat different at times, and last night one of my "thrown together" meals was surprisingly sapid. :) Just so it is on record, here is what I now call...

Wacky Mac Tomato Surprise

1 bag Wacky Mac Veggie Shapes

1 can Original recipe Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes

Oh, about 2 TBSP butter

Hmmm, a tsp or so of minced garlic

Dash of salt

Sprinkling of pepper, garlic powder, basil

Few generous squirts of Ranch dressing

* I just cooked the noodles and drained them, then mixed in all the rest of the ingredients, sort of chopping the tomatoes up as I stirred.

It really did taste good!!! Praises rang out at the table. Hmm, if only I'd had bacon bits to mix in.

I can see this meal making it on a "planned" meal list in the future. :) And how wonderfully quick and simple it is!!

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Abbi said...

Simple meals are always nice!


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