Friday, November 13, 2009

Laid Back Tree Decorating

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The day the calendar reads November 1, my husband, and now kids, pester me to get out the Christmas stuff.  They call me Scrooge because I actually want to savor the little blip of a holiday season that’s sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  In case anyone’s forgotten, they call it Thanksgiving. 

Anyway, all families have to give a little and learn to compromise, so I usually give in and start Christmas decorating around the middle of November.  We’d be waiting until next weekend if it weren’t for my oldest going on his first real hunt ever!!

We usually start with the Memory Tree, that’s the tree with the “everything” ornaments and ornament treasures we receive from family every year.  Love that tradition!!!!!!!!

But before we can start, I HAVE to clean the front room from top to bottom.  Thankfully it isn’t very big and there’s not much in it.  So, after I have mopped, dusted, and even cleaned the window and blinds (my least favorite chore, by the way!), we are ready to begin the process.  No kid involvement yet.

Each child has their own box of ornaments.  I have learned from years past that getting them out as we are decorating DOES NOT work!!!!  I can never get them out fast enough, plus I can’t enjoy watching them hang up their ornaments, which gives us all such a wonderful nostalgic feeling.  I don’t like missing that one bit!

Here is my solution that has worked for years.  It brings peace and enjoyment in the midst of decorating.  I unwrap each and every ornament and lay them out on top of plastic tubs.

Like so

2009-11-09 046

Now, after Mark has put the tree up and fluffed the branches, the kids have received and opened their yearly ornaments from us,and I have covered the entire tile floor with thick blankets (learned to do that the hard way when an ornament fell to its death) we are ready to let the Memory Tree decorating begin!!!!!

2009-11-09 050

See, each ornament is nicely laid out and completely ready to go on the tree. Each child knows which tub is theirs, so there is no fighting.  Mark and I get to sit back and ENJOY!!  Well, Shiloh still needs a little help with the hanging part. :)


And that is how the family of Autumnfawn Lane has a laid back decorating experience!

So how many of you have already pulled out the Christmas decorations?  Or am I the only CRAZY one?

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