Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bringin' Home the Bacon, Literally

Pin It Now! Just a little FYI: This post contains photographic evidence of my son's first and very successful wild pig hunt. I know some readers may be sensitive to these images. I post out of sheer praise and excitement for my son, not for the purpose of offending anyone.


I never imagined myself the mother of a hunter. When I held my first, sweet, little newborn son in my arms, I never even thought that one day, a decade later, he'd be holding, aiming, and firing a gun! A real gun, people! Hunting just wasn't really a part of my family, at least not that I knew of, so that is why I never fathomed it. (Plus, I just don't think new mamas picture their sweet little ones doing anything but sleeping, crying, pooping and looking angelically cute as pie!)

I guess that little, camouflage, baby outfit (given by his Grandpa D of course) was a bit prophetic.

Unfortunately, this is a picture of a picture. I don't have a scanner, and I didn't have a digital camera in the year 1999!! I dressed my Sweet Pea in his little hunting outfit and placed him on a soft pile of leaves. And yes, this was all done especially for a certain hunter Grandpa.

My little baby has grown quite a bit and has spent the last few months preparing for this very day--the day of his first hunt. He left feeling a little nervous and very excited.

Obviously, he came back feeling like quite the successful champion!! All of his preparation paid off--it was a perfect shot. He carried the shell around and wouldn't put it down for a couple of days.

Mullin and his very proud Grandpa D., the hunter.

Grandpa D.'s friend, Mike, also a hunter, who accompanied Mullin on his first hunt.

I really haven't seen for myself yet, but from what everyone says, Mullin is a natural. I am proud of all of your hard work, son!!

In this day and age when, in my opinion, it's not wise to let a 10 yr. old ride his bike to the neighborhood park alone, I am glad he has something to do that allows him to feel like a "man". I could tell he felt so grown up. I am glad he had the opportunity to spread his wings a bit and take charge of something associated with "manliness". Thankfully, this mama can rest knowing he is in good hands when he is away doing all of his hunting stuff!!

From my point of view, it has been sort of difficult not being completely immersed and involved in one of his interests. I mean, when he was 3, I could name ALL of his Thomas trains, knew what color they were and what job they had. When he played baseball, I was right there watching. And now, frankly I don't know much about hunting. He's teaching me what it's all about. But then again, I guess that's what we raise our kids to do--to go out into the world and to do things for themselves.

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Carrie said...

That's awesome Brandi....ham for Thanksgiving?!


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