Sunday, November 15, 2009

Annual Ornament Gifts

Pin It Now! The kids get to open an ornament from us before we let them decorate the Memory Christmas Tree. I found some really cute, and yummy, letter ornaments at Kohl's that were on sale, plus I had one of those 15% off coupons, so they were very inexpensive this year.

M for Mullin, my dark and handsome hunter.
L for Lincoln, my good-looking, blue-eyed sunshine.

S for Shiloh, my gorgeous, green-eyed (hazel mostly) princess.

These ornaments remind me of the sugar cookies I make every Christmas, the ones my mom made every year, the ones her mom made every year and so on. I hope one day as my grown children are hanging up their sugar-cookie-letter ornaments on their own tree, they smile and remember the fun times we had baking and decorating Christmas cookies! :)

1 comment:

Allyson said...

those are CUTE! I remember making cookie ornaments when I was a kid too, but I assure you they weren't that perfect and cute. No matter what we tried to make it always ended up looking like a blog. Good times making it though. I guess that's what counts.


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