Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Sickness and in Health

Pin It Now! In sickness and in health we shall put up our Christmas trees before Thanksgiving! (By my husbands orders.)

I don't mind too much. I love Christmas trees. They add such warmth and beauty to a room. Memories of times past float through the air and nostalgia's presence envelops me like a big, fluffy cloud. Now all I need is some Christmas cocoa to complete this picture perfect moment. :)

Seriously, I could just stare at my trees for hours.

Well, like I said: In sickness and in health.... 3 of us were feeling a bit under the weather as we adorned our Memory Tree, but it was still fun.

Lincoln gives Snoopy (his ornament from us last year) a shake before he hangs him up. Oops, I see Shiloh's Cabbage Patch Kid needs to be turned around.

Isn't she cute in her Kohl's Christmas shirt? Got it majorly cheap with coupons. :) She loved posing with various ornaments--this one is from Pa and Cece I believe.

Lookin' good guys! The blankets are not my normal floor decor, but they keep falling, treasured ornaments from smashing into tiny pieces. They are promptly removed once we are finished decorating and the strict orders, "No more touching!" have been given.

Mullin poses with a favorite--oh yes, of course, it is a Star Wars ornament!! Mmmm, an M&M one at that!

All done! Can't wait to see it all lit up at night. So beautiful. I am sure the neighbors who've moved next door recently and don't know that we are crazy and start WAY early will think they're seeing things as they drive by. (Because no one decorates this early, right?! Well, except for Mark's Pawpaw and Grandma :)--they start in October!)

Happy decorating every one!


jubilee said...

I am a bit anxious to get our tree up this year. Most often I am willing to wait until closer to Christmas, but this year . . .

The Calm One and I have decided to start a new tradition: letting the chickadees pick out a new ornament every year to add to the tree.

Looks like your chickadees had fun putting up their ornaments!

The Lenzers said...

Great tree. I am putting mine up this weekend if I don't have to work, otherwise I guess my mom will do it when she is here. Love the new background and header, BTW!! Great work/

Allyson said...

you are too good! you are the second person today that says they decorates before thanksgiving -- with more than one tree. i'm in the spirit now too, but we always do it on the weekend after thanksgiving. i guess one more week isn't so bad.

are your outside decorations up now too?


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