Saturday, August 25, 2012

Betta Fish Take Two

Pin It Now! Fire sort of fizzled. :( But don't worry, Lightning has struck!

Lightning - Shiloh's new fish

I know, huh? My poor girl's first pet - dead within 2 hours. So much for following all the rules. Grrrr. First person I called was my sister-in-law for advice. Yes, the one who owns the cousins who feed their Betta Sprite and cheese. Obviously they know something I don't!! ;)

Anyway, I kind of thought something was wrong with Fire before we even put him in Shiloh's bowl but not knowing anything about fish, I didn't really give it much thought. I asked Shiloh if she'd done anything strange to it during her rest time, and well, you won't believe what she did. She said she read the Bible to him. Ezra of all books. Wow. Other than that she said she just watched him. My. Poor. Baby.

Daddy took her and the deceased Fire straight back to Pet Smart for an exchange. So far Lightning is doing okay. For Shiloh's sake, I so hope he lives out his full 2 year life span!

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