Friday, August 10, 2012

Never Say Never

Pin It Now! I am one of those moms who said my kids would NEVER have TVs in their rooms. Yeah, well. I'm having to choke on my words right about now. :)

 So, my almost 13-year-old bought a used TV from Goodwill today for $5. And, yes, it is with our consent.

Ever since he's had his own room, he's wanted to make it his own little bachelor pad. I know, 13 going on 21. He bought an old Game Cube from a friend last week for $10, so now he's all set. The deal was - the TV could ONLY be used for playing the Game Cube. We found the perfect one! It's not digital or whatever, so no channels come in, and the DVD player is broken. PERFECT! :)

And he still has limits on how much time he can spend gaming. He's a pretty mature little fellow, so I am not too worried about it. His dad and I figure it really can't hurt anything.

You would have thought we were walking out of Goodwill with gold. I am so glad he's happy. It's nice when we get to say YES to something once in a while!!!!!

So, what are your thoughts on allowing TV in kids' rooms?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

We also have a no TV in room policy. Maybe in a few years and then she would have to buy it. My parents let me when I was 16 so we will see.


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