Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet Fire Rae

Pin It Now! This household hasn't had a pet in about 12 years. We came very close to getting a puppy (me still pretty reluctant) a few months ago, but it ended up not working out. Now we are renting and can't have a dog. So, I am off the hook on that one for at least a couple of years!

BUT, how can I resist my sweet, 7-year-old, very responsible, crazy-about-animals daughter one fish when she's PROMISING to save up for it and take care of it all by herself? *Sigh* Daddy and I agreed to her deal. And oh how I loved seeing that beautiful smile spread across her face. :)

 Today was the BIG day for the Shiloh girl! After saving for a few weeks and adding up a bunch of change from grandparents, she was able to buy her fish and all the supplies.

 Introducing . . . Fire Rae!
The newest, living member of Shiloh's room
It was quite the event for the whole family going to a pet store and all.

Happy girl!

Getting the bowl ready.

Reading food instructions.

Getting acquainted with her new friend. :)

I have never had a fish in my life, so this is a new experience for me, too. Seriously, I was beginning to stress over water temperature and stuff. Hubby said everything will be fine and that I was paying too much attention to the Betta fish pamphlet. We've heard that Shiloh's younger cousins pour Sprite in their fish's bowl and feed it cheese, so I guess we are good! ;)

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