Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Delicious Geography

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I love homeschool kitchen projects! Why? They're memorable, useful, fun, yummy (most of the time), blog-able, and here's the real kicker for me: there are NO bulky, crafty-type projects to stuff in a closet somewhere! ;)

Ya know, the one book report/project I remember doing in school involved me making a cake of a cow drowning in a lake. If only I could remember the name of the book! My hope now is that my kids will remember all of the fun times we've had homeschooling in the kitchen, and maybe they'll even remember what they learned about.

Our latest homeschool kitchen creation was a giant chocolate chip Greenland cookie.

Making this cookie, which looked more like Greenland before we baked it, was the perfect project for our history lesson about Eric the Red and the Settlement of Greenland.

What we did

I just made the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips bag and formed the dough into the shape of Greenland the best I could. (Baking fattened it up and distorted it a little.)

After it had cooled, I whipped up some very simple frosting - powdered sugar and milk - and frosted only the middle to represent the 85% of the island that is covered in permafrost.

When it was time to eat our creation, the kids and I sat around the table and talked about all the things we remembered about Greenland and the early Viking settlers.

And that's what I call delicious geography!

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laughinglioness.lisa@gmail.com said...

Fantastic! wish I was at your house studying! We are carb free here and I am dying for a great big cookie ; )


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