Friday, March 22, 2013

A is for Annie's!

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I really do strive to be a health conscious mom, and if truth be told, I do know that any kind of processed food probably isn't the best choice for our bodies. HOWEVER, in this day and age convenience does have its place. (At least in my house - I'd go crazy if I had to make every single morsel from scratch.)

I am thankful there are some convenience foods out there that do use healthier ingredients. One of the brands I like is Annie's. I mostly buy Annie's snack foods and on occasion mac & cheese.

My daughter really loves the bunny macaroni, and all three of my kids like the Cheddar Snack Mix. I was so excited to find that the snack mix is a lot cheaper at Target than at Fry's! I think we've tried all of the different Bunny Grahams at one time or another.
You know another great thing about Annie's snack foods? They're perfect for Easter!! Not that bunnies really have anything to do with Easter, though.
What's your favorite Annie's food?
This is my first time to participate in a Blogging Through the Alphabet Link Up. Hopefully I will be able to make it through the entire alphabet!
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kewkew said...

I heard of this company because there was a small bag of their bunny crackers in a GoPicnic meal I was reviewing. Then I saw our local Tops market carries them now. Gotta try some of their different products.

I've had this tab open for a week and am only now finding the time to comment, sorry.

Now I have to work on my B post and think of a C topic. Eek.


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