Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There Must Be Something in the Water

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About a week ago, my hubby came home from spending a week in Tennessee at the river with his dad and siblings. He's been doing this for the past few years now, and I am used to maybe getting some flowers upon his return. But a new lap top and 20 lbs. of grass-fed beef, too?

For real, he came home with a beautiful bouquet, and then he announced that he'd ordered me my very own lap top. And then, he started talking about farmer's markets and grass-fed beef. Seriously.

Um, somethin' must've been in that river water, cuz I was like, whoa! I had to check and make sure the right husband had just walked through my door. ;)

A week later, these flowers are still sitting in the center of my table. Some are starting to get a little droopy, but I don't think I could ever tire of receiving fresh flowers from my hubby!

Even though it's been somewhat frustrating learning how to get around in Windows 8, I am feeling extremely blessed to have my very own computer! It was becoming more and more difficult trying to share one computer with 5 people. Since the kids are getting older, they are using it so much more - for school, games, music, etc. It's even white to match my Windows phone. :)

Wow, and the whole grass-fed beef thing was quite a shock. I'd talked a while back about how I'd love to be able to buy this kind of meat, but it was just way too expensive for me to fit into the food budget. I've even cut back on buying raw milk because of the expense.
So, our weekend date was to Superstition Ranch Market where we bought lots of fruits and veggies for super cheap. Even bought three kinds of produce I'd never had before: golden honey dew, lemon drop melon, and rainier cherries. And then we went to a farmer's market in Gilbert where Double Check Ranch sells their meat. And my hubby bought some for me. :)
Thanks, Babe, for spoiling me last weekend. I love you! I'm looking forward to our healthy smoothie date this weekend . . .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brandi,
Thank you for stopping by our blog & commenting.
WOW !!! love the new laptop. Don't you love it when our hubby's spoil us. Tennessee water is I should know I am from Kingsport Tennessee.
I am going to be following you now to keep up on your wonderful blog. God bless you & your family & homeschooling.


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