Thursday, October 10, 2013

Boys and Battles

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If you have boys in your home and if your boys are anything like my boys, you can probably relate to the whole "boys and battles" thing. And I'm not talking about sibling rivalry here. (That's a whole other subject!)

I am referring to the fact that with boys (at least mine) every stick seems to miraculously transform into a sword, snap blocks that are supposed to be used for math suddenly turn into guns, large boxes become makeshift hideouts that must be guarded at all times, blankets and pillow cases quickly convert to capes, and anything remotely resembling something in the shape of a square or circle becomes an instant shield. And trees, well, boys couldn't care less that they're beautiful or that they give us oxygen. Trees are towers to hide behind while dodging enemy Nerf bullets. Can any of you moms of little boys relate?

What's funny is now that I have a daughter, I have noticed something a little different in how boys and girls play - Boys' toys battle and girls' toys relate. Not always 100% of the time but just typically speaking. Girls enjoy a good battle every now and then, and boys are known to have conversations, especially if one of those boys happens to be my middle son. Whew, that boy could almost outtalk Anne of Green Gables!

Anyway, with my boys, whether it's Legos, Ninja Turtles, Thomas the Train, Lord of the Rings, army men, Play Doh, cars, or whatever, there's bound to be some sort of battle in there somewhere. When my daughter plays with dolls, ponies, Lego Friends, Barbies, stuffed animals, and Littlest Pet Shop, her toys have conversations and stuff. And it's always so much quieter when she plays. :)

Well, my boys aren't so little anymore, and most of the toys I mentioned don't come out much, maybe Legos every now and then. The battles haven't stopped, though! When they get together with friends, they act out fight scenes. Here's one they recently caught on video. Lincoln was so proud of his death scene in which he bonked his head pretty good - that noise isn't a sound effect. Battle scars are the best, aren't they?!

As long as it's pretend or you're truly saving a damsel in distress, battle on boys, battle on.

One of my favorite photos of Mullin pretending to be Frodo. Love the imaginations of little kids! A Cranky the Crane piece serves as Sting, a Lego tub top is his shield, his pillow case is Frodo's cloak, and the chip clip, well, it's obvious isn't it - an elven brooch. ;)

Do your boys love battles?

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