Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day Trip to Prescott ~ Relief from the Desert Heat

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With the help of some connections in Prescott, we were able to perfectly time our day trip to see fall colors! Oh, it was so beautiful. Amazing houses on tree-lined streets bursting with color greeted us after our 2-hour drive. (I would love to see the inside of that dollhouse-looking home, or maybe I would just like to live there.)

Trying to get family photos in the gazebo on the Prescott Square became quite the ordeal. ;)

We thoroughly enjoyed a tasty lunch at this cozy, little restaurant. The wraps and cheesecake were so yummy! Lincoln couldn't resist playing with his food - nice lobster pizza wrap, buddy.

Enjoying being in nature for just a little bit. Mmmm - cool breezes, the smell of pines, and the crunch of needles beneath our feet. Glorious! It's such a treat for us to collect a few pinecones to bring back home for the fire pit, too.

 And so ends our day trip to Prescott. A salted caramel hot cocoa and good music made the drive home bearable. ;) Until next year . . .

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Unknown said...

So pretty! My hubby wants to take a trip that way after it snows. =)


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