Thursday, October 25, 2007

For the Love of Chocolate!

Pin It Now! October 28th is National Chocolate Day!!! I didn't even know there was such a day until very recently.

This is a day for us to just let go, indulge, and slake our desire for this heavenly treat! Looking at these images is making me go crazy right now, for I have NO chocolate to eat.
I have been pondering how I want to celebrate this holiday, and really I am having such a difficult time deciding. The choices are endless. Just eating candy bars, like the ones pictured above, sounds delicious. Mmm, or that yummy Bryer's Triple Chocolate ice cream sounds good, too. I am definitely a sucker for assorted chocolates, especially the ones filled with nougat, but those are usually expensive. Maybe I should take the opportunity to make a new chocolate dessert. Oh, I just don't know!!

How are you going to celebrate?
For those who live in New York, how about celebrating with the $1,000 ice cream sundae from Serendipity?
Good grief, I can't even imagine ever buying one of those even if I had the money!!!

Goodness, now I won't feel so guilty when I order PF Chang's $8.00, to die for, chocolate cake!


T-Bone said...

you will probably think i am a sinner above all sinners....i actually threw out about half a pound of m&m's the other day because I just never got around to eating them.

Brandi said...

Yeah, that has never happened in this house!!!


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