Friday, October 12, 2007

Reading is Fun!

Pin It Now! A lot of reading goes on in this house! It is too bad we live in a day when kids can't just roam the neighborhoods getting all their energy out while playing with all the other neighborhood kids. I am sure some would say I am too overprotective, but I don't care. My kids are just too precious, and frankly they're defenseless against all those Big, Bad Wolves out there. I don't really want my kids around other kids I don't know, either. It has been too hot all summer to play in the backyard, so we have been inside a lot. Can't wait for spring sports to start back up. Anyway this brings me back to the reading thing. We spend inside time going on adventures through books!

Mullin is reading, "Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears", and Shiloh is in giggles over it! All of my kids just love this series by, Cynthia Rylant. She also writes the Henry and Mudge series, which my kids also love.
I think Shiloh' s favorite at the moment is the Poppleton series, and I believe Rylant is also the author of those as well. I love doing all of the voices for the Poppleton characters! In fact, I try to do different voices for all characters when we read. It just isn't any fun listening to a story any other way. I knew being a part of the Speech and Debate Team in highschool would pay off some day. I actually got a few trophies for reciting poetry. I can't believe I actually did that! I am embarrassed just thinking about it.
Mullin still likes to listen in when I am reading to Lincoln and Shiloh, but he also loves to read on his own, too. No forcing him to curl up with a good book! He is almost through with the Lemony Snicket series--I think just 2 more to go. Over the summer we both read the Spiderwick Chronicles and can't wait for the movie to come out next year.

What are you reading to your kids?

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