Sunday, October 21, 2007

Strawberry, Arizona

Pin It Now! Saturday road trip. First stop, Strawberry, Arizona. After a couple of hours in the car, it felt good to stretch our legs, and breathe in the fresh mountain air!
A little education--I guess that means I can count this as school!
What is this I see? A tree starting to change colors! Yea!
Of course, Shiloh didn't want to cooperate during picture taking time.
My wonderful husband and me sitting on the bench together. Awww, how romantic.


T-Bone said...

your boys seem to have lost all their hair....

Carrie said...

I didn't even recognize Mullin...check out the new do!

Gorgeous fall pics. I knew you'd post about the trip before Mark!

And I LOVE that last picture. We have a gazillion pics of the girls and I think maybe zero of Phillip and I.

Ally said...

I love the pics.. I have 2 boys and a girl just like you...except they are older!!! love the autumn colours just like you too.... looks like a beautiful day out.. thanks for dropping by my blog´s always good to have you!


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