Friday, October 05, 2007

Frappuccino Friday

Pin It Now! Well, since we didn't have school today, I figured I would go ahead and grocery shop, yes with all the kids, so I wouldn't have to go tonight. I am not sure if I am glad yet or not.
Fry's in Queen Creek just opened up a Starbucks. It is the only one in Queen Creek so far. I was excited, but now I wish I would've just waited until I was all by myself to enjoy my first Green Tea Frappuccino at Fry's. Oh well. Shiloh sure enjoyed mine. You would have thought that she had a trunk and not a straw to drink that thing! I turned around and couldn't believe how much she had slurped in just one second.

Lincoln bought his own with allowance $, since Mama can't afford to buy everyone such expensive drinks! That made Shiloh upset b/c she saw that he had a PINK one!! Lincoln set his in the cart and spilled it, and of course it trickled down to the floor. Poor Mullin was being such a great sport about not getting one at all, for he had spent his $ the day before on Star Wars toys. I was being a pretty good sport, too, over Shiloh drinking half my drink and Lincoln spilling some of his. Whew, so that started off my shopping with 3 kids experience today. Glad it is over!!! Awww, but aren't they adorable?


Anonymous said...

that is a great pic of shiloh!!! she looks sneaky

Anonymous said...

1480303...mention those numbers and convince them your name is Brandon Maas, and you get 30% off.

Brandi said...

It would be sort of difficult walking on stilts!!


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