Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Morning and a Coffee Contest

Pin It Now! It is Monday morning, 10:30am Arizona time, and my sheets are washed and ready to be put on my bed.

Mullin has finished 6 of his 8 subjects for Monday.

Shiloh is watching her favorite movie, Ice Age, for the 111th time. She goes back and forth between movies 1 and 2. They really are cute movies, and it does keep her occupied while I teach the boys.

Pumpkin Bread is in the oven. MMM, it smells
so yummy.

Poor Lincoln is sound asleep in his cozy bed upstairs due to a fever.

Oh, goodness it is already almost time to make lunch.

Before I go attend to my awaiting chores, let me direct you to a coffee contest over at Dunkin Donuts. I do not like coffee, but since my husband loves it, I entered into a drawing for him to win coffee delivered to your door for a year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Encouraging others to enter the drawing only decreases my chances of winning it.



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