Friday, October 12, 2007


Pin It Now! I am supposed to be enjoying a day out with my mom and my kids at Schnepf Farms today, but my sweet little girl woke at 4 something this morning with a fever. I am missing rides, food and fall fun, but at least my boys got to go. I guess I will mop and do chores, that is, when I am not tending to the princess. Having sick toddlers is NOT fun.


Anonymous said...

Sorry the little princess is sick.
Give her kiss and hug from PawPaw and Grandma.
We really enjoy seeing all the pictures. Helps us to see how fast they are growing up. Enjoy every minute you have with them, they pass all to fast.

Anonymous said...

but she's sooooo cute!

HONEY said...

Poor baby :-( Hope she feels better!


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