Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And Liquid Gold Fell From the Sky

Pin It Now! Well, actually it was just water. But you would have thought it was pure gold by the way my family was acting this evening! Folks, we haven't seen rain in a long time, so we celebrated with much glee!The dark clouds rolled in and the heavens opened. Ragamuffin was beside himself!!!
The boys had a blast playing in the rain. Boy, did they get soaked. It was quite a heavy shower with whirling winds.

Uh oh. The wind yanked one of our stakes out of the ground, so this poor, young tree was touching its toes! It was amazing how fast the streets flooded. It was like the boys were wading in a creek or something. Watching them play in the rain brought back memories of when I was a little Arizonian about Mullin's age. Seriously, playing in the rain here is a rare treat!

Shouts of joy and jubilee could be heard from all the excited neighborhood children. The storm left as quickly as it came. All is calm again. And thankfully our electricity wasn't out for very long.

Poor Shiloh didn't get to join her "bubbies", for she has spent the first few days of being three sick. :(

Monday night after a full day of fun--seeing Kung Fu Panda, no napping, eating dinner at Chili's, and helping to make home made ice-cream with Paw, she threw up all over the couch, rug and tile floor. At first we just thought it was from too much junk and too much fun, but she continued to throw up during the night and once the next day. A low grade fever set in, and she just looked so pitiful. Today at 10:30 am, she just went upstairs, tucked herself in bed, and slept for 3 hours. You know a toddler is sick when they voluntarily take a nap!!

She seems to be on the mend, and I am really hoping this won't get passed around to the entire family!! I don't think I can do another "get only 2 hours of sleep night"!


AJ said...

The pictures sure add a whole new dimension to your story! They're great ... the boys getting all soaked, the neighbor kids in the street enjoying the downpour, and my favorite, Mark working on the tree in the rain!
My worst (& only) memory of working out in the rain was a few years ago (2001) during a horrible, HORRIBLE thunderstorm in the middle of the night (pounding, pouring rain, flashing lightning, LOUD clapping thunder, howling furious wind .. the whole works!) hubby & I were up on THE ROOF of our house (remember ... MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, STORMING FEROCIOUSLY!!), trying to replace the tarping (fighting the wind and rain!) that had been covering our BARE roof (in the midst of a new shingle job) before it was RIPPED from its place and rain water was pouring down through the attic and out our kitchen cabinets!!! What a nightmare!!! Not such a good "in the rain" memory!!

Brandi said...

AJ-That sounds awful!!!

Reminds me of the first house Mark and I bought. The 2nd bedroom in our 2 bedroom house and our kitchen flooded every time it rained.

The builder took 6 months to fix the massive leak in the roof of the bedroom, and the concrete slab outside had to be busted up and redone to stop the kitchen leak.
That was definitely not a fun 6 months.

I moved from a Brown Recluse infested apartment to asmall, leaky house.

AJ said...

It WAS awful, one of the "stand-out" moments you'll never forget - and not for GOOD reasons, but for bad. It was bad enough to be up there crawling around on the roof at night in the rain hoping lightning wouldn't strike us or wind wouldn't topple us, but on top of that, I had severely injured my big toe that day (might sound funny, but it sure wasn't - it was one of those injuries that cause the big toenail to eventually fall off, so suffice it to say it hurt REALLY REALLY BAD!) so just putting a SHOE on to get up there was bad enough, but crawling around pulling heavy bundles of shingles into place to try to hold down the tarp, inevitably said shingles ended up smashing my poor toe, so this job was being done with tears of pain running down my face, but mixed with all the rain, no one would've noticed! But we didn't have a choice, we could not stop our efforts or the water would've been pouring through our ceiling below and the repairs for that would've ended up costing us more than the roofing job was already costing!

Wow, six months to fix a roof leak - I wouldn't recommend that builder to anyone! And busting up concrete ... that sounds like its own nightmare! But I think I could handle all the leaks in the world before I could handle any Brown Recluse infestation!!!!

Oh, the joys of home ownership, eh?

But beats the heck out of apartment life, no? :)


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