Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home Made Dishwashing Detergent

Pin It Now! I have been searching high and low for a recipe like this. Found it, I believe, here. Lots of great tips on that blog!

This detergent is so easy to make, and only calls for 3 ingredients!!!

Here's what you need:

*1 cup baking soda

*1 cup borax

*2-3 TBSP unsweetened lemonade or citric acid. (My slightly obsessed friend said she saw just plain citric acid at Sprouts, our local health food store.)

**Just mix and use about 2 TBSP per load.

I have used it now for about 4 loads of dishes, and it seems to be working just fine. I've got one of those "wash before you wash" dishwashers, so my dishes don't go in with big chunks of food left on them. Don't know how this home made detergent would do on unrinsed dishes. Anyway, I like it--it's a keeper!


Staci said...

Got the citric acid yesterday at Sprouts. As soon as my current detergent is gone, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm still working on getting those big buckets, too. I need some for my TWENTY-FIVE pound bags of flour!!!!! Jarid will have some, they just have to come available!

Oh, by the way, the citric acid is $0.49/oz. Oz? Lb? I can't remember. I just remember the 49 cents. :)

Okay. A body in motion stays in motion. Laws of physics keeps me going. ;)

Terri said...

This sounds like a keeper - I'm going to have to look for that citric acid.


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