Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Spider Episode

Pin It Now! As I was making my bed this morning I spotted a teensy weensy spider crawling on a pillow that had been sitting on the floor all night. No big deal--I didn't even really flinch. I quickly and mercifully ended its life, then flushed it down the toilet.

After that I noticed a tremulous spider with long, bendy legs right in the middle of my bed on top of the quilt. It looked like it had already been squashed a bit, and since it was still twitching I didn't know if it was already dead or not. Ewww, it reminded me of a you know what, so I wanted to take a closer look before ridding myself of the beast.

Even though I am no longer living in the Brown Recluse capital of the world, there are still a few of these infamous critters that have chosen to reside in the desert. Hoping and praying that this was just a wanna be BR, I grabbed some toilet paper and picked the thing up by a leg. I got nose to nose to that spider analyzing its pancake head to make sure that the markings weren't really those belonging to a true BR. At that moment I was having a nightmarish vision of it regaining strength to jump onto my face and bite the fire out of me disfiguring my face for life.

After careful inspection and to my great satisfaction, I decided that was in fact not a Brown Recluse. It was one of those smart spiders who evolved into a BR look-alike to avoid being eaten. Just kidding. But there really is a non-poisonous spider that closely resembles the venomous Brown Recluse.

I was a happy girl!!

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Terri said...

Spiders - my girls can't stand them. Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners who will suck them up quickly!


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