Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, The Classics!

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Shiloh played her first game of Candy Land with mommy today! That little stinker beat me twice!!

Is there any one who hasn't played this all time favorite board game? I remember playing it as a kid, and now I have played it with all of my kids. I am thinking about getting all sentimental and saving it so I can one day play it with my grand kids.

Board games are a family favorite around here, and right now the boys are in to playing CLUE with Daddy. Mark and I used to play the video version of CLUE when we were dating. That was a fun game--I wonder if they have it on DVD, now? It would be much too complicated for the boys, now, but maybe in a few years?

Board games really do bring families together, don't they? Let me pause while I wipe the tear from my eye.

In all seriousness, do you have great board game memories you would like to share? Let the nostalgia begin!!

*My grandpa and I used to play SORRY! when I was a little girl. Those were fun times!

*My friend, Sara, and I would play Master Mind for hours on end.

*I loved playing Parcheesi with my mom as a kid, and as an adult, I love to play Boggle with her. If she just weren't so darn good at it!!

*I absolutely loved the game, TABOO, and would play it with any group I could get my hands on.

*Life was always a family favorite. Boy, has that game had a makeover! We bought the game to play with our kids, and I must say it is a wee bit different.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'm cool with you getting your hands on any group.

AJ said...

Playing SORRY with my sisters in the floor over at Aunt Mae's house in Arkansas .... playing Chinese checkers on the floor in the den at Nanny & Granddaddy's house .... playing "Hi Ho Cherry-O" in the den (& sometimes living room) at our Frayser house when we were really small ... yes, board games provide us all with some fond memories of "the good ol' days!"

AJ said...

And does anyone else remember that it never failed that someone would accidentally hit the board game and knock all of the "cherries" off the tree and we'd have to start all over???

AJ said...

Oh! And I forgot to say that MY all-time favorite game was PICTIONARY!!!! And it didn't even come along until I was an adult! Young adult, anyway, in my mid-twenties! Now THAT was the one I would play with any group I could get MY hands on!!! That game was soooooo much fun! We would get together with a bunch of friends after work, around midnight or so, and have some very feisty and highly competitive Pictionary challenges into the wee hours of the morning!
Strangely enough, I can't find many people who are that interested in playing that game these days ... ??? Everyone says "I can't DRAW!!!" They don't understand that THAT is half the fun of it!!! There is even a "kids version" of the game! I hope you have it!

not up to code said...

We played card games like Canasta, Uno, Rook, and Slap Jack where half the fun was trying to slap each other as much as slapping the deck. In college it was SPADES! I had many sleepless nights either winning with the ragamuffinwriter or kicking his butt with some spades.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Spades...and lots of coffee! But I don't think you ever kicked my butt, except maybe when I got stuck with you-know-who as my partner.

Of course, I could be wrong. I have a terrible case of selective memory. Just ask my wife.

not up to code said...

Ok ok... I didn't kick your butt frequently but surely it did happen on a rare occation.

Which you-know-who are you talking about? I remember there being several you-know-whos. Basically if you got stuck with anyone but PJ,the Kitty or me, you were screwed!


HONEY said...

Favorite board game as a kid was Chinese Checkers with Grandaddy - I never won, but had lots of fun trying!

Also love Pictionary & must admit AJ & I were a formidable team on occassion.

Taboo is another favorite, as is UNO-Attack! Way more fun than the original UNO. Also like playing Mexican Train & we do that often when we have friends over or are on vacation.


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