Monday, June 09, 2008

Lunch With a Very Old Friend

Pin It Now! What crazy timing!

I get in touch with my best friend from the 4th grade, who I probably haven't seen or spoken to in about 14 years, find out she's the founder of Bella Lucce, and then to top it all off, she tells me she's coming to Arizona for a speaking engagement!

This past Saturday, she treated me to lunch, and we had a fine time reminiscing about our fourth grade adventures and everything in between then and now. She seems to remember an incident that I must have forgotten after all these years. Even though I was usually a perfect angel, I guess I did get into a teensy bit of mischief every now and again. Lela made me do it!!! :)

An hour and a half just wasn't enough time to cover 14 years!

Thank you, Lela, for a great time and for the lovely gifts!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the No Comment Bug has bit your blog.


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