Friday, June 27, 2008

When Royalty Pays a Visit

Pin It Now! Princess Shiloh and Princess Kaiya graced my presence today. These 2 beauties are only 6 months apart, but Shiloh is so much taller!!

The princesses had so much fun posing for the camera, but mine wanted to give me the "I am so much trouble" look.
Wonder who she got the pouty pose from?

Oh my gracious--Is this not heart-melting? I didn't put her up to it either.

"Shiloh, don't put your toys in your mouth." "But mommy, I Popeye."
Nice, just what I need--a princess who smokes a pipe!!!


T-Bone said...

hahahaha. i love it

Anonymous said...

WOW! She looks just like you.

HONEY said...

I've heard of "The Princess & The Pea"...The Princess & the there's a new one! HA! :-)

AJ said...

Well, at least the "pipe" is a very cute pink heart and not a yucky looking ol' stogey!
What an adorable pair of princesses! I LOVE the sunglasses shot!! Priceless!
They are both just beautiful little girls!


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