Saturday, June 28, 2008

Facebook Family

Pin It Now! I know, I know, I am always last to join in on any kind of new technology, but finally I have joined facebook.

I am known for shying away from anything that requires a lot of reading where following instructions is involved, especially if it is something on the Internet. I get this strange sort of nagging feeling that I am just one key away from accidentally selling my soul or something crazy like that!

But, I guess it was about time for me to shed my status as an amoeba concerning all things computery. I think I have at least evolved into an earthworm.

I keep telling myself that I have to at least try to keep up for my kids' sakes. As long as Daddy's around, I know there is nothin' to worry about, though!!


AJ said...

So is Facebook a better 'networking' site than blogger, and if so, why? What is different (or better) about it than MySpace? I've read about it (Facebook) but haven't checked out the site itself yet.

Anonymous said...

Facebook isn't better than blogger, just different. Facebook is more of a social networking site, and it's amazing how quickly you can connect to old friends and family just by putting your name in the bucket.


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