Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meal of Death

Pin It Now! For the past few weeks we have been reading a book called, Eating the Plates, A Pilgrim Book of Food and Manners. It fits in perfectly with our study of early American history. Quite informative, yet interestingly fun, we have thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids were looking forward to finishing, though, since they knew we would have a go at a couple of the colonial recipes in the back of the book. Authentic recipes with just the cooking methods changed a tad to account for the fact that the oven and stove have replaced fire.

Not too long ago we made an authentic colonial Dutch recipe that turned out rather yummy, so we couldn't wait to try another.

**I did learn an interesting fact that lets me off the hook when it comes to washing linens and things. The pilgrims only washed them like once a year!!! Now I don't feel so badly about letting our sheets go for 2 weeks without being washed. I just can't pull off once a week anymore. :( They survived, and so will we. :)

Alright, back to food.

I didn't title this post Meal of Death for nothing. Poor Pilgrims. Hot Indian Pudding and Swizzle, supposedly a cool and refreshing drink, were absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!! BLECH!!!!

Just look at these faces...

Shiloh's just told me "I am NOT eating that for lunch!" I love Mullin's face in the background. :)
Yep, he had good reason to be a bit nervous about eating that!

As for Swizzle, a drink made with water, vinegar, ginger and molasses, yeah--that face says it all. Not only does it look and smell kinda strange, it's worse than Polyjuice Potion, worse than Uruk-hai juice. No wonder the Pilgrims and their children drank so much beer. (And I think beer is GROSS!)

And I was looking forward to a high-in-molasses meal since it contains so much calcium and iron. So much for that.

And just for the record-- I didn't make them stand up while they ate, and they didn't have to share a trencher.


The Lenzers said...

i get faces like that EVERY night!!! Great way to learn new things though, quite impressive

dixie_tn1 said...

Those little faces are priceless. :)

Jessica said...

Just started blogging and came across your blog. Love it and can't wait to start following. Their faces are hilarious!


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