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TOS Review: Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup

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Good things come in small packages, right? Well that saying might not always be true, but when it comes to Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup, it's right on the mark!

Beeyoutiful Skin generously offered The Schoolhouse Review Crew several different product packages to review: Beeyoutiful Product Set, Skin Care Set, and Makeup Set. I was chosen to review the makeup set which includes:

1 Foundation
1 Foundation brush
1 Eye/lip color (and 1 sample of another color)
1 Multi-purpose brush
Retail value: $53

I was so excited when my makeup arrived in the mail - and so elegantly wrapped, too. There's just something about wearing new makeup that makes a girl feel pretty!

Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup is pure, natural, and gluten free. It's free of fillers, preservatives, fragrance, and chemicals as binders. Their mineral powders are made from crushed minerals extracted from the earth's surface which are safe to use on skin, even the most sensitive skin. The entire makeup line is all-powder to keep it in its pure and natural state. Beeyoutiful Skin uses the following simple, safe ingredients in their makeup:
  • Titanium Dioxide - naturally occurring white compound mined from the earth which protects skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Iron Oxides - inorganic compounds of iron and oxygen made to create rich, earthy colors used in makeup dating back to the ancient Egyptians.
  • Mica - naturally occurring, non-comodegenic minerals finely milled to a powder. Mica is coated with oxides to produce various shades of color.
  • Ultramarine Blue - naturally occurring, non-toxic blue pigment made by heating certain clay. (FDA has not approved its use on lips.)
  • Silica - absorbs oils and reduces appearance of wrinkles.
  • Ferric Ferrocyanide - non-toxic blue pigment.
  • Zinc Oxide - natural white pigment which protects, heals, and soothes irritated skin.
Information about these ingredients is explained in further detail in the Beeyoutiful Skin brochure that was included with the makeup I received. Also in the brochure is a handy list of many ingredients you don't want to find in your makeup or other body care products. I will list them here so you can check to see if your products contain these harmful ingredients.
  • FD&C Dyes - produced from coal; carcinogenic.
  • Lake Dyes - (Sounds natural, huh?) synthetic dyes prone to cause hyperactivity in kids.
  • Carmine - extract from carmine beetle; linked to heart problems.
  • Synthetic fragrance - can contains hundreds of chemicals that can cause cancer, mental problems, and depression.
  • Talc - linked to uterine cancer and respiratory problems.
  • Bismuth oxychloride - common filler; by-product of lead and copper refining which can be irritating to skin.
  • Petroleum derivatives - carcinogenic.
  • Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate - industrial surfactants in many shampoos; dangerous to humans.
  • Methylparaben, propylparaben - enzyme disruptors.
  • Formaldehyde - carcinogenic.
  • Butyl Cellosolve & Isobutene - neurotoxins that damage central nervous system, kidney, and liver; pesticide.
  • Dioxin - carcinogenic; more deadly than DDT Ethyl Alcohol.
  • Propylene Glycol - extremely toxic; can cause brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities. (I know I have seen this ingredient in food, too!)
  • DMDM Hydantoin and Urea - preservatives that release formaldehyde into the body.
  • Pthalates - chemicals harmful to reproductive health, fertility, and fetal development.
  • Triclosan - pesticide linked to cancer and hormone disruption.
  • Bovine Postnatal Secretion - ewww.
  • Foreskin, placenta, and fetal cells - harvested from maternity wards and aborted fetuses.
What a mouthful! It's no wonder I know so many women, including myself, who suffer from so many irritating health and hormone issues! I have been wearing makeup and using body care products for over 22 years, and it's only been in the last 10 years that I have been making an effort to switch to more natural, healthy products. I am so thankful for companies like Beeyoutiful Skin who are dedicated to providing all-natural, safe beauty products!

Beeyoutiful Skin has a wide variety of colors from which to choose. They are grouped into 3 different categories: Foundation, Eye Colors, and Blush/Bronzer. There are 24 foundation colors ranging from extremely fair to very dark. The foundations contain up to four minerals that are baked at different temperatures to achieve the desired shade. There is a helpful skin chart online to help you choose the perfect match for your skin type. It was a blessing to be able to sample 3 different shades because I ended up selecting one (Olivia) that I thought would be a little too dark. It couldn't be a more perfect match! All foundations are $25.00 each for 3.65 grams.

Next up are 48 beautiful eye colors from which to choose. Because all of their makeup is in powder form, many of these colors can be used on the lips and cheeks as well. Using powder on lips may be strange at first, but I have actually been using blushes and bronzers on my lips for a while now - ever since my favorite lipstick was discontinued. I love using the same makeup for my lips and cheeks because there is no chance of clashing colors. :) For my Beeyoutiful Skin sample eye color, I chose Sea Sand, a soft, neutral, grayish-mauvish-brown which I applied on my eyes only. I also used it as eyeliner on my bottom lid. For my full color (.38 grams), I chose Russet Rose, a nice autumn hue perfect for lips and cheeks, although it can certainly be used as an eye accent and bronzer as well. Used very lightly as a bronzer, it gives the skin a nice glow. All eye colors are $10.00 each.

 I had a lot of fun picking out colors, but it was so hard to choose! I really liked the option of being able to compare colors on a separate page. It helped me to narrow down all of my color choices by picking the 2 that I thought would look good together on my skin. I also tried to pick shades that weren't too similar to colors I already had in my makeup bag. I am very happy with my choices!

(An example from the compare page)

If you still aren't quite sure which colors to choose, you can purchase samples of any color for just $1 each. Samples provide several applications. I've probably used Sea Sand at least 10 times, and I still have a little bit left.

Last are the Blushes/Bronzers. There are 7 color choices in lovely shades of pink, peach, gold, and brown. They are $16 each for 1.5 grams.

The amount of makeup in one container is less than what I am used to buying. However, I am seeing that a little goes a long way. About two shakes worth of powder is all it takes to apply foundation on my entire face. I have been using it for about a month, and I am guessing it will last about 2 months at least. I wear it about 5 days a week. (Reviewers didn't receive the full amount of powder, so it really is hard to say how long it will last.)


A great way to apply Beeyoutiful Skin makeup is with their ultra soft, safe-for-sensitive-skin brushes. These brushes are designed to work well with both creams and powders. Makeup goes on smoothly, and I really like that the brushes don't shed! With proper buffing, it just takes a small amount of powder to provide sufficient coverage.

I like to use the Foundation Brush (pictured above on left) for applying blush. It can definitely be used for applying foundation, though. It's nice and thick and only 3" tall, perfect for applying makeup to the entire face. The Foundation Brush is $11.

The Multi-Purpose Brush, also known as the Combo Brush (pictured above on left), is a two-edged brush that can be used to apply lip color, lip liner, eye shadow, and eye liner. The more rounded side is great for applying eye shadow, and the straight-edged side is great for applying the powder as an eyeliner. I prefer using the tip of my finger for applying powder to my lips. It's quick and easy and glides on so smoothly as long as I put chapstick on first. The Multi-Purpose Brush is $6.50.

It is recommend that you use Laveshmint Toner to prepare your skin for foundation. You can also spritz your Foundation Brush with it before dabbing it into the mineral powder to ensure perfect blending. I didn't have this product, so I lightly sprayed my brush with lavender water that I had on hand. (I've use it for a long time for cleaning etc.) I've also applied the foundation with a dry brush bunches of times. It's wonderful makeup no matter how you choose to apply it! (I will say that spritzing the brush first seems to make the makeup stretch further.)

To learn about all the ways you can apply Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup, you can visit the website and watch several informative videos. You will learn about different application techniques for your face, lips, and eyes in order to achieve the look you want. Foiling is a method with which I was unfamiliar but learned by watching all of the how-to videos. Foiling will give you the boldest look with the mineral makeup.

I really like the feel of Beeyoutiful Skin's mineral makeup. It provides weightless coverage giving you that "bare skin" look. You don't have to worry about foundation lines or that heavy, cakey look. (I know all about that look - I can't believe I ever wore "pancake" makeup in high school to cover up all my freckles!)
Beeyoutiful Skin's mineral makeup also claims to be sweat proof and water resistant. It's pretty difficult not to sweat where I live. Temps are still in the 100s here in the Arizona desert, so sweating is inevitable. However, I really like the fact that I don't get streaky lines on my face while wearing this makeup!

I figured I'd be brave and post some before and after pictures on this post. Taking pictures of myself with a phone camera isn't exactly the most professional way of doing things, but that's all I've got. To get the best idea of what this makeup looks like on, I highly recommend going to the website!! :)


 Truly not a stitch of makeup - completely plain Jane for sure!!

Phone camera + bad lighting = not the best picture. It just gives somewhat of an idea of the transformation. Even though I don't wear my makeup heavy at all, it did look a little darker/brighter in real life. Also, the shiny spots on my face are just from the reflection of the bathroom lighting - the foundation really does provide a soft, matte finish.

Everything is Beeyoutiful Skin makeup except for the top eyeliner and mascara.

Be sure to see what all of the other Crew Members had to say about Beeyoutiful Skin!

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine


Jesmicwilmom said...

What fabulous cheekbones! You are no plain Jane, my dear.

Brandi said...

Awww, that's a really nice thing to say - thanks. :)


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