Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Handprint Crafts

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I have been slacking in the craft department lately, so I promised my sweet girl that we'd find something easy to do while on fall break (homeschool). :) I let her peruse fall crafty type things on Pinterest with me, and this is what she made . . .

Autumn Handprint Tree

First, I helped my daughter spread brown Crayola craft paint on her hand and forearm. I didn't realize we were out of paintbrushes, so I used a cotton ball to spread the paint.

See, what a creative "tree trunk!" We liked blue paper to represent the sky.

Next, she dipped her fingertips in different paint colors to make the "leaves" on her tree. She also added puffy, white clouds by using a cotton ball, which made for a really nice textured effect.

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey

Again, I used a cotton ball to help her apply paint to her hand like so.

She embellished her turkey with legs, eye, wattle, and beak. Isn't he cute?
I am SO for simple fall crafts that look cute, too! These handprint crafts work for me.

Autumn handprint tree was inspired by Tip Junkie, and the handprint turkey was inspired by Kaboose.

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