Monday, March 04, 2013

The Perfect House Plant

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My hubby brought home this plant a couple of years ago, and at the time it was covered in pretty little purple flowers. Though I liked the plant, I didn't have high hopes for it because I don't really have a great indoor-plant track record.

But here it is at least 2 years later and thriving quite well. In fact, it's due for another pruning. :)

This plant is a type of Kalanchoe and is considered a succulent, a plant having the ability to retain water. There are lots of pretty Kalanchoe images on the web if you want to see some of them with flowers.

This plant has been so easy to care for: all I have to do is give it about 1/2 cup of water once a week. I have it placed about 6 ft. or so from several windows in which it receives lots of afternoon sun.

I am sharing this because if you haven't had success with other types of houseplants, you may want to try a Kalanchoe in your home. I think my husband bought this one at Fry's.

Here's a site about Kalanchoe care. I am so glad I came across this site because now I know how to get my Kalanchoe to flower again! I had no idea I had to put it in a closet overnight for a few months. Looking forward to trying it out in September so I can enjoy blooms in the winter. :)

Eventually, I'd like to have houseplants in every room because of their health benefits. I am sure you've heard that houseplants help purify the air, right? Well, here's a site that lists several health benefits of houseplants.

What kinds of houseplants have you had success with?

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Susan said...

I am not really good at keeping indoor plants alive, either. Add to that the fact that I've got a nearly 4-year-old who likes to dig in the dirty and to conduct her own plant-related experiments. I think I'll wait a few more years before reintroducing living plants inside. ahem. ;) I add this one to my list of possibles.


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