Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pine, Arizona

Pin It Now! The desires of my heart were gratified this Saturday in Pine. Just look at us surrounded by the amazing autumn beauty!! My soul feels revived after drinking in the incredible views.

There was a cool breeze, so it felt like fall. The leaves crunching beneath our feet made it sound like fall. There were lots of evergreens and a few campfires, so it smelled like fall, too. And with all the fiery colors, it definitely looked like fall! The only things missing were my homemade Pumpkin Bread and my homemade Harvest Apple Cider, and then it would have tasted like fall!!
Shiloh and the boys had a blast just throwing rocks into the stream. Experiencing nature in Pine on Saturday was definitely worth the 2 hour drive.

1 comment:

AJ said...

I am glad you found it "worth the drive!" I am sure you will find many surprising and pleasing experiences at the 'end of the drive' as our beautiful country has much to offer down its many roads!


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