Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pin It Now! Ever wondered where the custom of making a wish while breaking a wishbone comes from??

This is one of the reasons I love homeschooling--always finding out cool little tidbits of information!!

I know you are on the edge of your seat so here you go. The custom was actually begun by the ancient Etruscans of Italy. It was their belief that hens were prophetic birds because they cackled right before they laid an egg. Eventually this belief led to the custom of making a wish on the bone of a chicken. Obviously we already know what is involved-- two people pull on the wishbone and whoever breaks off the larger portion is the winner of the wish. This is also where the phrase "lucky break" comes from. There is your lesson for the day!
Of course, I don't believe in the nonsense of wishing upon a bone and it coming true-- all in fun. It is kind of sad that people actually did believe in these sorts of superstitions.

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AJ said...

Very interesting little tidbit, indeed. I do like to find out where old traditions AND old sayings come from. For instance, where did the custom of saying "break a leg" to someone before they go out and do a performance come from? Sounds like a very odd thing to say to someone, no? Or some of the old "country" sayings that people like Nanny used to say ... ever hear of someone who wouldn't "hit a lick at a snake?" Any ideas of where THAT came from and what it means?


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