Thursday, June 03, 2010

Feathers and Stones

Pin It Now! I have a favorite singer. Her name is Jennifer Knapp.

  • I love her passionate, soul-searching song writing.
  • I love her earthy, non-high-pitched voice. (I am not even sure how to adequately describe her sound--I just know that I love it.)
  • My music collection would not be complete without all of her stuff . . . or so I thought.

When she suddenly disappeared from the music industry a few years back, I was disappointed. I still kept listening to all of her music, though, having high hopes that one day she'd return.

And just recently, return she did.

With a revelation.

Of course I am sad, though I have to say not completely shocked. I hate it, but I personally can't add her new songs to my Zune list.

  • Not because the songs are secular.
  • Not because I am a bigot or have phobia issues.
  • Not because I don't think she sounds amazing.
  • Not because I have a holier-than-thou attitude. (God knows I have enough "planks in my eye"--both eyes, for that matter.)

It's because she's a professing Christian claiming that something sinful isn't. And, in my opinion, her songs leave the listener with no room for artistic interpretation on this matter. She's pretty clear about how she feels. (My husband had me listen to a few songs, so I could hear them for myself.)

Please note that I think she has every right to sing from her heart what she believes, but I also have the right to choose not to listen. And I am not just singling her out b/c of that sin. Christians get far too hung up on that sin. Like it's so much worse than all the other sins. I single out a whole lot of singers b/c of their songs. My family loves American Idol, but we spent far more time changing the channel on Wednesday night than we did actually watching the show. Anyway, that's another story.

As far as whether I believe she's saved or not, well, it isn't really up to me. My opinion doesn't mean a hill of beans! She says she is a Christian, so who am I to state otherwise, especially since I don't even know the girl. Her salvation is completely and ultimately up to God, not me.

Having said that, though, I will still say this: While it is NOT for me to judge her soul, I can make an observation and judge her actions. I can decide to agree or disagree with her actions.

I think all humans make all kinds of judgements every day about all sorts of things--food, clothing, friends, music, tv, etc. I am so sick of the word, judge, being thrown around that I could just puke. There are kids in the neighborhood with whom my kids CANNOT play. I have made a "judgement" based on observation. It stems not from hating those other kids but from loving and protecting my own.

I know Christians (while here on Earth) will never fully agree on everything in the Bible. Frankly, parts of it, I just can't seem to grasp. But to me it seems pretty black and white on this particular subject, so I can't wave a feather and tickle Jennifer's ears with soothing words of condonation. But nor will I throw stones of condemnation. Both are extremes I think Christians would be wise to avoid.

Thoughts? (Please be respectful and kind.)

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