Wednesday, June 09, 2010

WFMW: Teacher's Tape

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I have a huge pet peeve--crooked frames hanging on walls. Teacher's Tape from Duraco Express takes care of this problem without ruining walls!!!

I originally reviewed this product for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, so you can read my full review here. I was so surprised to find that this "tape" truly does what it says WITHOUT leaving sticky residue or pulling the paint right off the wall.

These frames in my daughter's room had to be straightened constantly. But not after I applied Teacher's Tape to the backs of the frames. Now, they stay in place! I have used this trick with many other frames, too. **Teacher's Tape would also be a great way to hang posters in children's rooms without having to nail holes in the wall.

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Katie @ Favorites and Things said...

That tape sounds so helpful, I know I have a few frames that will NOT hang straight.

Jane Anne said...

I may have to get some of that. I have a friend that goes crazy when she visits because one of my pictures seems to always hang crooked.


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