Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Typical Summer SAHD

Pin It Now! SAHD = Stay-at-home-day.

Sometimes as a stay-at-home-mom, I feel so unproductive at the end of the day. I look around thinking what did I accomplish today? Why am I so exhausted? I know I did stuff, but what? I'm always BUSY, but nothing ever really seems to get done.

I may have scoured the bathroom til it sparkled, but by the end of the day, the mirror has water spots and the hand towel is all messed up. *sigh*

I may have vacuumed and mopped the floor, but by the end of the day, there are 346 blades of grass that have been tracked in by the kids going in and out of the house all day long. *sigh*

I may have washed the Arcadia door/window, but by the end of the day, fingerprints galore are staring back at me. *sigh*

I may have vacuumed and washed mini blinds, but at the end of the day, who would ever in a million years notice that?? *sigh*

Anyway, you get the idea--a lot of work, no pay, and no appreciation. Yippee! Can anybody else relate?

Well, the other day I decided to write down everything I did, so I could look back and see it on paper. Yes, I am going to list those things here, and I am dedicating this post to all of the hard-working SAHMS!!!

Summer SAHD:

  • Wake up at 6 am and do the whole breakfast routine.
  • Water gardens
  • Kids and I get ready for the day
  • Family Bible time
  • Read 1 chapter aloud from "Igraine the Brave"
  • Read 2 other children's books to my daughter
  • Bake 2 of the 5 cakes for Shiloh's upcoming birthday party
  • Clean kids' bathroom from top to bottom
  • Vacuum entire upstairs
  • Make lunch which included cutting a fresh pineapple and a bunch of celery
  • Change and wash boys' sheets and bunk beds are no easy task!
  • Wash, fold, and put away 2 more loads of laundry
  • Read Our Daily Bread
  • Read a few chapters in "Do Hard Things"
  • Research nutrition books and literature books for home school
  • Read daughter another book
  • Watch Lesson 20 math DVD and help Shiloh with math pages
  • Empty dishwasher (and I have to hand dry all the dishes)
  • Blogged and browsed Blog Frog for a bit
  • Read emails and respond to them
  • Serve leftovers (thank goodness) for dinner
  • Finish the book, "Do Hard Things"
  • Give Shiloh shower and dry her hair

And that is the last thing I wrote. But my list didn't include the bazillion questions I had to answer or the sibling fights that had to be broken up.

Moms, smile and know that you are doing an amazing job, even if it doesn't seem like it!

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