Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ms. Pac Man Party

Pin It Now! Yea, it's party day--Momma worked on decor all week long. :)
Brings back so many 80's memories! I played hours and hours of Ms. Pac Man, ate the cereal and watched the cartoon!! Shiloh watched a few Pac Man cartoons via You Tube. I loved Baby Pac Man, Super Pac Man, and Pac Man Jr. I was Pac-Crazy!!!!

I never would have thought that I'd have a daughter into Ms. Pac Man, too!! She totally asked if she could have a Ms. Pac Man party, I swear!! She went from Sponge Bob to Hello Kitty to Barbie and the Three Musketeers to finally Ms. Pac Man!!

Shiloh's been playing the game like crazy--you can play online! There are tons of spin-offs to Pac-Man as well. I'm kinda crazy about PacXon. :)

We started with presents first. Lots of girly princess stuff!!! OoOoOh!!

Happy girl!

Notice the shirt Shiloh's friend is wearing!! I need one of those.

Time to gobble up some cake. I used doughnut holes as pellets and white cupcakes as the power pellets. I found a banana in Shiloh's kitchen to use as the fruit that wanders around the board. Fun, fun! I was pleased with the way everything turned out.

Shiloh wanted her candle in Inky.

Staci--the chocolate cake was home made and I used coconut oil, too. The red ghost's frosting contained zero Crisco, and the ice cream was Breyer's, so at least it was fairly natural. ;) Anyway, Kaiya enjoyed it!!

Ms. Pac Man Tag-- My sister loaned me lots of ping pong balls to use as pellets. Tennis balls served as Power pellets. Object of our rendition: Ms. Pac Man collects ping pong balls in a pail while being chased by ghosts. Picking up a tennis ball magically (if you use your imagination) turns the ghosts blue, and Ms. Pac Man could then try and tag the ghosts out. Wow, it was wild! A few girls didn't quite catch on, but they all still had a blast.

The boys couldn't wait for the girls to finish so they could have a go. And they did, too--after the girls went inside to play the real Ms. Pac Man on the X-Box.
Birthday girl is so blessed to have sweet family and friends. Thanks everyone!!

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The Lenzers said...

happy birthday shiloh. you are so creative, everything looked great!!


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