Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ms. Pac Man Party

Pin It Now! Yea, it's party day--Momma worked on decor all week long. :)
Brings back so many 80's memories! I played hours and hours of Ms. Pac Man, ate the cereal and watched the cartoon!! Shiloh watched a few Pac Man cartoons via You Tube. I loved Baby Pac Man, Super Pac Man, and Pac Man Jr. I was Pac-Crazy!!!!

I never would have thought that I'd have a daughter into Ms. Pac Man, too!! She totally asked if she could have a Ms. Pac Man party, I swear!! She went from Sponge Bob to Hello Kitty to Barbie and the Three Musketeers to finally Ms. Pac Man!!

Shiloh's been playing the game like crazy--you can play online! There are tons of spin-offs to Pac-Man as well. I'm kinda crazy about PacXon. :)

We started with presents first. Lots of girly princess stuff!!! OoOoOh!!

Happy girl!

Notice the shirt Shiloh's friend is wearing!! I need one of those.

Time to gobble up some cake. I used doughnut holes as pellets and white cupcakes as the power pellets. I found a banana in Shiloh's kitchen to use as the fruit that wanders around the board. Fun, fun! I was pleased with the way everything turned out.

Shiloh wanted her candle in Inky.

Staci--the chocolate cake was home made and I used coconut oil, too. The red ghost's frosting contained zero Crisco, and the ice cream was Breyer's, so at least it was fairly natural. ;) Anyway, Kaiya enjoyed it!!

Ms. Pac Man Tag-- My sister loaned me lots of ping pong balls to use as pellets. Tennis balls served as Power pellets. Object of our rendition: Ms. Pac Man collects ping pong balls in a pail while being chased by ghosts. Picking up a tennis ball magically (if you use your imagination) turns the ghosts blue, and Ms. Pac Man could then try and tag the ghosts out. Wow, it was wild! A few girls didn't quite catch on, but they all still had a blast.

The boys couldn't wait for the girls to finish so they could have a go. And they did, too--after the girls went inside to play the real Ms. Pac Man on the X-Box.
Birthday girl is so blessed to have sweet family and friends. Thanks everyone!!


The Lenzers said...

happy birthday shiloh. you are so creative, everything looked great!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Pac Man party is just awesome idea, I definitely will make such party for my son next year, thanks for advice. By the way if you wanna play Pac Man, you can find the game here this is very useful service that always provides my family only the best games for Windows 10.


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