Friday, June 11, 2010

To Skirt or Not to Skirt?

Pin It Now! Summer = swimming, especially when you live in the middle of the desert. Every year about this time, I wish we had our own pool. I'm a private kind of pool girl. I don't much like public pools. For lots of reasons.

And one of those reasons is all the body parts flobbin' and bobbin' about. Some of it is just downright gross. Some of it isn't--and it's those folks who I think should be covering up just a tad more.

Anyway, since I have a daughter, I want to instill in her a desire for modesty. What is modesty exactly? Well, to be honest, I am not completely sure. Really, I don't think modesty is just about clothes. I think it's about attitude as well. I do think I might have an idea of what modesty is not, though. Like, I don't want my teenage daughter parading around in a 2-piece, or even in a skimpy one-piece for that matter. Where the line should be drawn--I don't know.

Now, obviously I don't have a girl teenager yet. She's just a few days shy of turning 5. But, I want it to be normal for her to choose clothing that is on the more modest side. (I totally am not an extremist in this area--I mean, I don't even want to wear a long, black dress and a veil, but trying a little is better than not trying at all.)

So, what does all this have to do with a skirt? Well, I have been pondering whether or not to add a skirt to my daughter's swimming attire. She already wears a one-piece, but goodnight moon, even in this sort of bathing suit there's a lot of "cheekage" goin' on, if you know what I mean. And kids don't seem to notice one bit that they have a "weggie". Isn't that a little uncomfortable?

Since my sister offered me a skirt that didn't fit her daughter, I decided "to skirt". My daughter loves wearing it!! I thought it was funny, though, that when we went to the public water park for the first time this summer. . . I forgot the skirt. Oh well, she is just 5 after all.

And as you can see kids will be kids. I don't think the skirt is really making that much of a difference with all these twists and flips and tricks!

So, my decision has been "to skirt" but to not make that big of a deal about it. It is just one baby step on my road of "modesty parenting".

Any other moms going the skirt route?


Anonymous said...

We have been having similar talks over here. My L is going to be 6 in a few days so there has been more modesty talk. I didn't grow up learning to be modest, it simply wasn't an issue. So I wasn't a modest person. Having a daughter in today's society and becoming closer to God as a family has shown us that modesty is important. L has a 2 piece tankini from Land's End that looks like a one piece, until it's time for bathroom break then it's easier for her to use the restroom. I hadn't thought of a skirt. Now that you have brought it up - what a great idea!! We love to go to the pool on Riggs road and my oh my the things that girls wear - YOWZA!

Jen said...

What a cute idea! I've ALWAYS worn some type of shorts over my swim suit. When I was younger I would just wear nylon soccer shorts but my latest bathing suit actually came with matching swim shorts! Gotta LOVE that!!

The Lenzers said...

since i have all boys, no skirts for me! but i do like them myself, my body certainly isn't what it used to be


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