Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Can't Believe You Are 5

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Seems like just minutes ago that you had little wisps of hair and a big, old "pappy" glued to your mouth!

You've grown into quite a young lady in the past 4 years. You have no idea what a joy and comfort you've been through all our Arizona trials. All those sweet cuddles and cutie-pie kisses have been such a blessing.

Here you are in Grandma's backyard right after our big move to AZ. You had just turned 1 a few short months ago. Look at yourself now. . .

Goodnight, moon!! It's a beautiful young girl sitting at my table bright and early on your birthday. Mmmm, eating a healthy, nutty, apple muffin and a banana. :)

Mommy and Daddy gave you your very own Fairy Garden to paint and grow, Princess pop beads, Littlest Petshop puzzle and character, and some cute, flower bows.

We just hung out at home on your special day, but you told me it was the best birthday ever. We read princess stories, you "did" my hair and dressed me all up, we picked apples and played in your whale pool. You make me smile, Shiloh. :)

Your neighbor friends came over and decorated the kitchen with Bendaroos. My, my, the walls were covered!!!

Grandpa and Grandma W. came over for dinner to help you celebrate. You picked spaghetti, home made french fries, and broccoli. What a combination! (I made my YUMMY Monterey Jack Meatloaf for the rest of us.)

Sand art and a stamp set--fun, fun!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. I love you SO much, Sue-girl.

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