Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WFMW: A MUST Read for Tweens and Teens!

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I just read an amazing book. I checked it out with the intention of having my almost 11 year old son read it. I wanted to read it first, though, so I could discuss the content with my son.

Incredible book. I was personally inspired. It's called, "Do Hard Things", and it is written by twin, Christian, teenage authors, Alex and Brett Harris. (Thank you, Kristen Welch, for mentioning this book on your blog--I'd never heard of it before.)

I LoOoOve the book's message: Alex and Brett actually encourage teens to REBEL. . .

against low expectations.

Seriously, we live in a society where teens are expected to have messy rooms, few manners, little respect for elders, and no self-discipline. It's just normal for them to have that "DUH" look while consuming massive amounts of junk food and playing endless hours of video games. But it's okay, right? Isn't that what the teen years are all about?

Alex and Brett (and me) say No way!

In their book they encourage teens to strive for excellence, set the bar high, and never settle for complacency. Oh, and they also *gasp* say that teens should respect their parents. (Yes, teenagers said this!)

I've said many times that our family is a team, and I try to get my kids, especially my 2 boys, to realize that, um, they're on the same one. Wow, the Harris twins agree with me. They write that "siblings can be some of your best team members." Did you catch that my dear sons? Well, they will because "Do Hard Things" will be required reading in our house!

I thoroughly enjoyed their countless examples of real teens doing remarkable things and succeeding. I loved that they included the fact that "hard things" aren't always "big" things. Hard things can be as simple as helping with chores or helping with younger brothers and sisters.

It's easy for all of us to become comfortably numb in whatever situation we're in--to be content to just get by. I HIGHLY recommend that parents waste no time in buying or checking this book out for your tweens or teens!! I can think of a few adults who could benefit from this book, too!

**This book was a huge encouragement to me as a mom--it more than worked for me. :) And I hope it works for your family, too.
To read more great tips, visit We are THAT Family.

*** So far, I've taken both of my boys on "Do Hard Things Dates." Here are the links:

Date with son #1

Date with son #2


Wander said...

They have it all figured out!
I love what these guys are doing for the kingdom!
It's definitely a MUST READ!!

Nikki said...

I gave that book as a graduation gift to several teenagers last summer. It IS a great book!


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