Friday, June 25, 2010

I Guess the Picnic Will Have to Wait

Pin It Now! I always get ahead of myself. It's just the way I am.

I got the picnic all ready before it stopped raining. Just in case. Just in case that slit of sunlight breaking through the clouds would dare to grow until all that was left was a big, golden sun in a bright blue sky.

The ray of light did in fact grow, that's why I packed a picnic. Just a few clouds left--surely they will disappear. Hope faded. More clouds rolled in. Picnic spoiled.

Guess I will go back to hoping and waiting. Someday, I WILL have that picnic. And there won't be a cloud in sight. :)

On a sunny note--enter my giveaway before it's too late! Just 3 days left!!


Anonymous said...

you got rain today??? We are in your general area and we didn't :-(

Anonymous said...

Man I thought Rain was heading our way. We are in Maricopa county right on the border of Queen Creek. Yes the humidity is crazy right now. Humid and 112 are not a good combination!


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