Saturday, September 26, 2009

It’s NOT Play-Doh

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It’s Play Foam

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The kids’ great grand parents sent it to them.  They know their mama is NOT a play-doh fan, unless it goes outside. 

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When I saw what it was, still inside the packaging, um, I got nervous.  Thousands of tiny little balls.  I imagined them all over the kitchen floor, in their hair, and being dragged all throughout the house.  Sort of like the faux Christmas tree pine needles.  Sigh.

2009-09-26 005







But, once I got up the courage to open it, I was pleasantly surprised!  It isn’t messy, just like Grandma said!  Even daddy had to get his hands into it.  He helped Shiloh make a rubber duck. He made the snowman all by himself.

2009-09-26 006







For you Pawpaw and Grandma. :)


3LittleFlowers said...

We have use it before, but nothing that cute has come out!!! Those are too cute!!!!

Im also a party pooper when it comes to playdoh... My oldest knows that is one of the things that she can do when her little sisters are not around... :)

I added your blog to my blog list.. You are under Gaby's friends...

T Mama said...

Looks fun! I want some of that!!


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