Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Sounds

Pin It Now! I am listening to the sound of die being all "shook up" in a cup. The sound streams through my baby monitor and I know exactly what's going on.

Yes, I still have one of those. For what my eyes can't see, my ears can hear!!

Rest time is supposed to be quiet and peaceful, but sometimes I don't mind listening to the sweet sounds coming from my daughter's room.

Like right now when she's playing Princess Yahtzee with her "ghost friend".

It makes me smile.

Her voice won't stay so small for very much longer and ghost friends will soon disappear, so for now I am going to sit back and enjoy these precious little girl sounds-----and try not to cry.

Her then.

Her now.

"Time flies..... God, I wish you'd clip its wings."

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Isn't it amazing how they can look so much the same and yet so different at the same time?

I was just watching a few video clips last night from when my now-3-year-old was about a year and a half. She was so cute - walking wobbly, laughing, saying words in this sweet baby voice. She's still as adorable as ever at three, but she's also more "grown-up" now. It makes my heart ache and makes my heart the same time. :)


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